• The Shins – Simple Song

    I had a very difficult time choosing just one song to comment on from this album. They are all so amazing, really. In my dilemma, I made the obvious choice: the first single.

    On that note, I think I will begin by actually speaking of the album itself. This album came out in a time when I was really struggling with my drug addiction. Upon purchasing the album and realizing what relief I could find in this collection of soul-songs, I quickly delved into intensive listening, with the album quickly climbing to the top of my “most listened.” Within its hallowed lyrics, I have found much inspiration, insight, and relation to the suffering, growth, and self-honesty herein.

    I have followed this band for some time, and it is amazing to see the progression of their lyrics and composition, both (front man side project Broken Bells, included). It is curious to watch the progression of a band who stays together for an appreciable time. It helps me to remember that these bands are made of people. Real. Fucking. People. Not high-and-lofty poets secluded away with the muses, but PEOPLE. WITH LIVES.

    The song itself is well-composed, and I will leave it at that. I would expect nothing less from The Shins. The lyrics convey something… mystical. Something to be sought after, to be sure.

    Rating after 10+ listens: B+

    - John Miller, some guy

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