• Sarah Jarosz – The Tourist

    Know this: I am biased toward Texan musicians (its part of Austinite culture, I think).

    First of all, this is a cover of a song (same title) by Radiohead. The general feel of the song, the tempo, the emotions are are essentially unchanged, but Jarosz’s version has an… older feel. Where there was an electric guitar, there is a mandolin or fiddle. Where there was an electric bass, there is an upright. Drums replaced with percussive banjo sounds, fiddles chiming in. As evident in the final third of the song, Sarah’s instrumentalists are very, very skilled.

    Interestingly, the most notable difference between the two versions is not the wildly different instruments but, instead, the voices. Where Thom Yorke is wispy and otherworldly, Jarosz is strikingly intimate and organic. To be honest, I would not have it any other way. The instrumental and vocal stylings of each artist match harmoniously, creating the artists’ unique sounds.

    If you like this version of this song and are willing to give Texas folk a shot, I highly highly highly recommend this album for you (I recommend it either way, really).

    Rating after 10+ listens: A-

    -John Miller, some guy

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